Getting back on track

When fear derails your plans.png

The break over the new year and Christmas time is often one for reflection whether you set out to reflect or not I think inadvertently we all end up spending some time evaluating the year where we are, where we thought we would be and where we are going. Sometimes in the busyness of life as we go through the to do lists of each day, making sure our bills are paid, food on the table we can so quickly loose perspective of the bigger picture. For me 2018 was a bit like that it was the year that without even knowing it fear derailed my plans for my business. So much so that I didn’t really even realise that it happened! Perhaps that is a common challenge for people who are starting their own business at some point the fear of not getting any work overtakes and rather than standing firm and keeping on keeping on the thoughts come in “just get a job then you’ll have security” or you can work and still do the business on the side. I guess to be honest I fell victim to thoughts like this. Maybe a job comes up you take it then its easy, comfortable familiar and you find a routine – its comfortable, there is money coming in, less stress and as time passes you can easily justify your decision. Then you can start saying oh I don’t have time to work on the business I am too busy, perhaps I should never have done it, and deep down you start to think “I’ve failed” or I’m too scared to have another go.

Perhaps it’s the new year reflection that has highlighted this to me, perhaps it is a change in my personal circumstances that has challenged me to think about what I am doing. Whatever the case I have realised somewhere somehow in the last 12 months when things went differently to how I had planned I let fear take me off course, what ever justifications I gave myself for my situation deep down fear was in the drivers seat and as such I ended up a long way off  course without even knowing it!

Whenever we are starting something new, doing something out of your comfort zone fear will always come, I am sure many business owners and other successful people can relate to fear. If we let fear take hold then it can quickly derail us but fear of failure shouldn’t stop us from trying, and even if it has there is always time to start again, to get back on course and try again. Recently I came across this quote from Carl Bard

“Although no one can make a brand new start anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” 

and then I thought of course just because things may derail your plans whether it be fear or something else you just pick yourself back up and keep going. So as I head into 2019 I feel even more ready to step out into the uncertainty of small business and with confidence continue to keep moving one step at a time towards growing my dream. Fear is no longer in charge of my plans I am back in the drivers seat of the business and I am believing for an amazing 2019. Whatever your plans this year whether it’s  your business, small venture, a hobby or a goal I hope you too can be mindful of what is steering your path, are you heading in the direction you want?  If fear has taken you off course then remind yourself there is always time to start again to have another go to reset your compass and head in the direction you would like, it may not be easy, fear and doubt may come again but be wary, be mindful of it and continue to reset your course and focus on the goals you have.

Bring on the next phase of 2019, and here’s hoping at the end of 2019 we are all further along with our goals than we are now.

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